There are two types of HostGator promo codes:

30% Off Promo Code



$9.94 Off Promo Code



Copy and paste one of the above promo codes

when ordering your hosting package.


It is best to use the 30% off promo code only if your order total is greater than $35.  For smaller orders it is best to use the $9.94 discount code.


Promo codes are an inventive process to help draw customers in.  It is a process that has been used for years and is a retentive strategy that HostGator has managed to use to remain successful in their industry.  The HostGator promo codes are available to small and large businesses to help reduce their overhead costs.  Having promo codes makes it easier to provide clients with inexpensive rates and packages.  Simply taking a few extra minutes to look up promo codes found all over the Internet could save your company hundreds of dollars depending on the plans you use.

In today’s economic crisis it is important to know HostGator understands the tough times small businesses are experiencing.  For any company to remain competitive, include a web hosting company, the company needs to know what their customer’s needs and wants are.  Typically, in today’s market the client wants fast service, inexpensive packages, and a live person to speak with any time of the day.  HostGator understands these wants and provides them all providing an over 90% customer satisfaction rating.  Companies that do not provide these HostGator promo codes may still be successful, but it is proven through customer satisfaction surveys that clients that believe they got a deal are more satisfied customers.

One of the reasons people chose a company is for their customer service.  HostGator provides spectacular customer service no matter what hosting plan, what level of the hosting plan, and the billing cycle of the hosting plan.  This means it does not matter how much you pay you receive the same great customer service as the person paying thousands of dollars for a different service.  With HostGator you are not considered a number, but an actual person.  They respond to this understanding by providing live people to answer your questions and concerns through live chat, phone, e-mail, fax, and mail.  Customer service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  That means if you have questions at one in the morning on Christmas, someone will still be there to help provide an answer.


There are many promo codes available.  The HostGator promo codes may change from month to month and from year to year.  The codes are available on a multitude of websites and differ in the percentage amounts discounted and the dollar amounts provided for discount.  Currently HostGator has many dollar amount coupons and percentage coupons available throughout the summer.  On the HostGator website, you can receive 20% off any hosting plan for the first month.  This type of discount is concurrent with the 45 day money back guarantee.  That’s right you can try HostGator at a discounted service and if you are not completely satisfied you get every dollar back.


There are also plan coupons available.  Currently coupons for the VPS and reseller hosting plans have dollar amount coupons available.  It does not matter what level of each of these plans you have, you may receive $25 dollars off the service.

Other available HostGator coupon codes include 25% off any order.  To receive these discounts simply place your order on the HostGator website.  Find the coupon code from one of the many websites available issuing the codes.  When you complete the checkout process a spot is available to insert the discount coupon code.  Enter the code and the discount is automatically calculated at the bottom of the page.  This discount is then used to determine the final price of your products and services at the completion of your checkout.

With these HostGator promo codes you could save your company a lot of money each month, leading to a huge savings each year.  However, just because you have a promo code, how do you know HostGator can provide the products and services you want and need?  To start, HostGator has made it their mission to provide the highest quality of shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated servers available.

The creator of HostGator, Brent Oxley founded the company in 2002 based on the knowledge that customers needed a service they could trust.  He believes so greatly in providing great customer service that if you call and request to speak with him he will personally take care of handling all customer concerns.

Companies know that running a business is an expensive task that requires a high overhead cost.  HostGator promo codes are offered throughout the Internet to reduce the overhead expense and provide a greater level of quality products. Finding a web host that can provide all the required services for your online business or web site and within your budget is an even more daunting task.  With HostGator, customers may build their own website using drag and drop processes using the site builder tools.

The site builder tool provides companies the flexibility and opportunity to design their website exactly how they want at a cost that they can afford.  The tool provides over 4500 templates that are easily customized.  The site builder also includes designs and functional presets that are easily used in any of the templates.  The presets include pages, functional modules, page sets, and design templates.  The functional modules include blogs and images galleries.  Company logos and content are easily added to the templates to make the process of web building and design faster, easier and more efficient.  If you prefer to create your own website from scratch, the site builder tool offers this option as well.  This tool is ideal for the company that needs to constantly redesign their website for holidays, different promotions, different products, and monthly or daily deals.


When HostGator was asked what site builder tool they were using, they responded with BaseKit.  When asked why, HostGator responded with because it’s easy for our customers to use.  The customer does not get frustrated, since the tool is so easy to use.  The user may use different languages for building their website and provides for HTML and CSS coding additions and editing.  The ability to import PSD designs provides a greater level of creativity and customization.


Shopping carts, blogs, portals, forums, password protected directories, hotlink protection, IP deny manager and web based file managers are among the features that all hosting plans include.  These options bring another level of sophistication and customization to your website.  These features may help you run your business more smoothly by allowing you to track data and information that other hosting websites have made it difficult to do through their website building tools.

Web hosting is one of HostGator’s services.  The service comes in three levels.  Each plan has unlimited disk space and bandwidth.  Unlimited sub-domains, e-mail accounts, and FTP accounts are also given at no additional cost.  The cPanel control panel is a useful addition to developing your website.

Hatchling, baby and business plans are provided for web hosting. The plans each include an SSL certification.  The baby plan and business plan include unlimited domains.  The business plan provides a private SSL, toll free number and private IP address.

Promo codes are provided to help businesses save money on all hosting plans. This includes web hosting, VPS plans, reseller plans, and dedicated servers.  The promo codes are provided on various websites throughout the Internet.  The offers range from a $1 to $25 dollars off.  Other promo codes provide discounts from 1% up to 25%.  For a hatchling plan you could receive the first month free by applying a promo code discount of $9.95.  For other plans a 25% off coupon could mean a savings of over $599.70 depending on the service and billing cycle.

Plans for reseller hosting are provided to clients to help host other client’s websites.  These plans come with client management software free of charge.  Billing software is also available free of charge to resellers that chose to have their web hosting through HostGator.  Special reseller promo codes are available for reseller plans only.  These codes may not be used on any other services.  The current promo code discount for a reseller hosting plan is $24.95 off any reseller package plan.  The reseller plans include:

  • Aluminum – 50 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth
  • Copper – 80 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth
  • Silver – 120 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth
  • Gold – 160 GB disk space and 1200 GB bandwidth
  • Diamond – 200 GB disk space and 1400 GB

The reseller may use the unlimited number of websites feature to promote many companies.  The brand name of the company may be added to any of these websites to add customization.  There are many services, features and packages associated with the reseller plans.

VPS hosting plans are another hosting plan that HostGator provides.  These plans have dedicated server capabilities with an inexpensive cost to that of a dedicated server.

VPS hosting packages are available in nine plans.  Each plan provides a different amount of CPU’s, RAM, disk space and bandwidth.  Depending on the size of your company and the services you provide will determine what level plan you need to chose.  The best part of having a VPS hosting plan is that if you choose a plan that does not provide efficient service for your needs you may upgrade at any time.  This allows the small companies to start out with a lower, less expensive plan and as the business grows, upgrade to a higher level plan.  This provides the customer the ability to save money and only pay for services they are actually using.

By having a VPS hosting plan there is no need to ever worry about maintenance on your server.  HostGator takes care of all the server needs.  They provide weekly backups that are completed off-site to provide a higher level of security to their clients.  Updates are completed frequently to prevent your server from bogging down.  The maintenance time and costs are cut for the customer because they no longer need to provide this service in-house.  Therefore they save on personnel wages and salaries by paying one low monthly cost to have HostGator complete all necessary updates and backups.  The data centers provide backup power generators to maintain your server’s ability to continue functioning even if the main power goes out.  Hostgator has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.  This means that in the span of one month, the server may go down as much as 45 minutes total.

HostGator provides customers the ability to have dedicated servers.  The servers use root access to maintain complete control.  This provides the highest level of power and flexibility to a company.  Packages for the dedicated servers are basic, standard, elite dedicated and pro dedicated.  The dedicated server controls provide no resource restrictions.  HostGator provides Linux and Window based dedicated servers, providing a greater service to a greater number of customers.  Dedicated servers are delivered in 24 hours by Hostgator with provisions and security.  The dedicated server plans provide a level of uptime, speed and security.  The dedicated server plans include:

  • Basic – Intel Xeon 3450 (Quad core), 2 GB DDR3 memory, 2 x 250 GB Hard drive, 10 TB bandwidth, and 5 dedicated IP’s
  • Standard – Intel Xeon 3450 (Quad core), 4 GB DDR3 memory, 2 x 250 GB Hard drive, 10 TB bandwidth, and 9 dedicated IP’s
  • Intel Xeon 3470 (Quad core), 4 GB DDR3 memory, 2 x 500 GB Hard drive, 10 TB bandwidth, and 9 dedicated IP’s
  • Intel Xeon 3470 (Quad core), 8 GB DDR3 memory, 2 x 500 GB Hard drive, 10 TB bandwidth, and 9 dedicated IP’s

The billing system feature is useful by providing autopilot billing and automatic billing for clients.  This helps reduce the stress of billing for clients.  The dedicated server plans include Enom domain names free of charge.

It is amazing to know that this large business started ten years ago in the comfort of a small dorm room in Florida.  Since the business started out small they understand the needs of small business.  They also acknowledge the growing pains of a company as it expands and struggles to grow their company  HostGator knows that customer satisfaction and low levels of down time are required to be successful in any business.